19 August, 2022

Nomos LLC Volleyball Pro Agency

19 August, 2022
After more than a dozen years of service in the trenches of volleyball and higher education, and more than 20 years of hard work by its founders in sport and legal representation, the Nomos team is extremely excited to announce that it expanded its scope of activities, entering the professional world of volleyball. 
Many of the players Nomos has served over the years completed their higher education, graduating with Bachelor's or Master's degrees. Thus, it was a natural progression to continue the lifelong service Nomos is known to provide, by engaging with the top professional agencies in each league around the world, to secure appropriate professional volleyball opportunities for the players who wish to pursue volleyball employment. 
Nomos invested time, talent, and treasure, secured the first FIVB license originating from the Greek Volleyball Federation, and already helped recently graduated players embark on their pro volleyball quests. More on these inspiring stories in the firm's new pro volleyball agency website and social media outlets: 
Nomos LLC Volleyball Pro Agency on social media:
A couple of differentiating criteria for Nomos Volleyball Pro Agency: 
- One-stop shop, with a comprehensive suite of services, including accounting, business, law, marketing, sponsorships/endorsements, tax, and other areas of interest for clients. 
- Preparation for life after professional volleyball. Nomos licensed professionals, advisors, and multiple alliances with industry experts assist and guide professional volleyball players, preparing them for post-professional volleyball opportunities, continued self-fulfillment, and life-work balance. 
Nomos has built a unique ecosystem of business partnerships, in view of competitive options in the space of interest for each player transitioning from pro sports to their next life phase. 

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We do not treat our athletes just like typical clients, but make them a part of our big NOMOS Family!
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