19 January, 2023

Sarah Cruz in Sultan's League to play for Bolu Belediyespor

Sarah Cruz

Congrats to our Sarah Cruz for signing with Bolu Belediyespor and joining the Sultan's League.

A fine amalgam of exquisite DNA, Cuban athleticism and spirit combined with Czech wit, humility, and serious commitment to excellence, Sara Cruz earned outstanding opportunities as a pro, through her memorable exploits with The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley. WAC Player of the Year, WAC Champion, and Honorable Mention All-American, Sarah lit up the American side of the pond, at times leading NCAA D1 in kills.

Now, she gets to join the best league in the world, at the bridge of cultures, contributing to the unique mosaic of Bolu.

Enjoy the new challenge Sarah. Profoundly proud and honored to be your team and global family.

Gratuluji. Felicitaciones 

H/t to Tunc & Shining Stars for the great teamwork. Tebrikler!

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