Kivanc Murathanoglu

After an illustrious career both playing and managing basketball projects, Kivanc Murathanoglu is leading Nomos’ growth and expansion efforts in Turkey.

Kivanc played from 1973 – 1990, and was the captain of Fenerbahce women’s basketball team during a formative time for the women’s club.

While pursuing her basketball career, Kivanc attended the German High School of Istanbul, followed by a degree in economics from Istanbul University, in conjunction with serving Reebok PR in Turkey. She also completed a postgraduate certificate in sport administration at San Diego State University. Upon returning to Turkey, Kivanc worked with Alarko Holding Co. Hillside City Club in PR, while still teaching and serving youth. Subsequently, Kivanc started work with Show TV in Istanbul, the first pay-per-view channel Cine5 in Turkey, and developed franchising projects. She is married to the legendary figure of Turkish basketball Murat Murathanoglu.  

In 2004, while a working mom of two, started working with Yaman Eymur and Mehmet Okur’s (the first Turkish NBA World Champion and All-Star) management team. She led sponsorship negotiations and activation, commercial activity projects, media and online strategy, non-profit initiatives, and events. 

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